March 26, 2006

Nice Day In Missouri

Category: Miscellaneous — Chuck @ 8:45 pm

Katy TrailIt’s not quite spring weather here in Missouri yet. But today was pretty sunny so I was out on the Katy Trail. I took a few photos so you can see that the middle of the U. S. isn’t all that bad.

You can see the pics on my Flickr photo album.
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The Dark Side of the Moon

Category: Miscellaneous — Chuck @ 12:26 pm

RHS PlanetariumOkay folks, you’re making me search here. It’s not easy keeping feeding this blog monster from central Missouri. So I just did what any good blogger would do. I Googled. I did a Google Images search first and besides Ram Cheerleader carwash pictures (no I’m not going to post them) I saw the RHS Planetarium logo.

So you get the Planetarium. You can find lots of information about it on the website, including show dates and time.

The Riverview Planetarium offers educational programming for the whole family. With a 56 seat theater and computerized Spitz A-4 projection system, Riverview can provide a wide variety of show formats. Shows are provided for school children of Sarasota County throughout the school year. Private shows are given to civic groups by appointment. The Riverview Planetarium is a window on the Universe which is made available to the citizens of our community.

The RHS Planetarium currently services over 4,500 students a year and is increasing show times and dates every year. For information about scheduleing a show, please e-mail; Jason Mocherman – Director.

The Riverview High School Planetarium was originally built in 1969 by the Sarasota County School Board. The projector was a Goto “Venus”, it along with the control system and a few special effect projectors cost the county ~ $20,000.

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March 19, 2006

Chatting With Nancy (Nelson) Gordon

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 8:33 am

Nancy (Nelson) GordonIf you really want to mess me up then email me and say “Do you remember me?” with your married name and don’t give me the name we knew you by in high school. That’s what Nancy (Nelson) Gordon did. Then we spoke by phone and she said, “I just realized I didn’t give you my maiden name.” That’s why I was thinking, “Nancy Gordon?”

Pearly Gates SoaperyWe had a great conversation. She and her husband live in Kansas City, MO which is just about 2 1/2 hours from my house and a city I’m driving through all the time. You can get caught up with her on our reunion website. She and her husband are in the organic soap business. You can find that on the web at Pearly Gates Organic Soapery.

Nancy is hoping to attend our reunion just like I hope everyone will that can.
March 11, 2006

Rampaging Around The Internet

Category: Miscellaneous — Chuck @ 4:59 pm

Ram PageI’ve been doing a little bit of Googling around and found the RHS Cross Country Team Website. That was the only sport I lettered in. Looks like they need a little help updating the website. Gotta keep it fresh you know.

Then I was surfing around the school website. Found the latest issue of the Ram Page. Boy does that download slow. Do not try this on dialup. I see an issue for last September, nothing newer than that. It’s got twelve page but I could only stand waiting for 2 to download and I’m on pretty high speed.

So what’s new in your world? I just listened to the Gators (University of Florida) beat LSU on the web radio broadcast of the SEC tourney. That made my day.

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March 8, 2006

Update From Nancy

Category: 30 Year Reunion — Chuck @ 9:10 pm

Well it’s been a little bit of a dry spell for posting. Travelling and blogging on multiple web sites will do that to you. Last week it was Anaheim, CA for the Commodity Classic. If you want to know anything about soybeans and corn just ask.

Here’s some news from our fearless leader Nancy:

We’ve located about half of our list of nearly 720 classmates and our goal is to complete the bulk of the remaining search by April 1st. At that time we’ll send out postcards by snail mail to everyone to notify them about the reunion, tell them about the websites, etc.. We are also hoping to have our ticket prices nailed down by the first part of April, so that when people finally log onto the main website they can finally book tickets online with a credit card.

Due to the multitude of up front costs associated with putting the reunion together and sponsoring teachers who have been invited and want to come, our site will soon support donations that can be paid with a credit card. Bennie hopes to have this set up shortly.

We will most likely offer a page where donations can be made to the memory of classmates who have passed away. The Tracy Ross Scholarship Fund will be an option for memorials as well as The Riverview High School Class of 1976 Scholarship Fund.

Sue Farrington Obenauer has taken on the mantle of searching for and successfully locating a number of teachers who are still around and are planning on attending one of the events (probably the Saturday night dinner). I can supply a list to you soon.

By the way, Nancy is moving to Sarasota. That means she can devote even more time and attention to our reunion. Right Nancy?

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