October 5, 2006

Getting Ready To Board

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 6:48 am

Chuck & ChelseaHello, we’re at the St. Louis airport and getting ready to board.

This is me with my oldest daughter, Chelsea. She’s going to Naples where I’ll drop her off and then head up to Sarasota for the weekend.

We talked our gate agent into taking a quick picture.

See you soon!


Tom The Hunter

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Tom Paulk HuntingThis picture just showed up in my in box.

This is coming to you from the St. Louis airport, before boarding for Florida.

It looks like Tom Paulk, the hunter of tweety birds in Texas.

What kind of birds are those Tom?

I guess we’ll get to hear the stories in just a little while now.

September 3, 2006

Now & Then With Robert Thompson

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 6:42 pm

Robert Thompson - ThenHere’s a now and then with Robert Thompson.

All I can say is, “wow” Robert. You’re looking relaxed.

Robert Thompson - NowOn the Reunion Website Robert says, “It was fun to look through your now and then photo’s. Most of you look better now!” Yeah Robert, same at you buddy!

He continues:

Hope everyone is having a good life. I just spent the month of july on siesta key with my lovely family. A wonderland of sun and water with the smell and feel of my childhood…

I graduated from FSU in 1982 and have since traveled to over 40 countries, living in Denmark the last 20 years. Have a great reunion- and “let the good times roll” If you get the time, drop by my brothers new restaurant, “Mattisons Siesta Grille” just off stickney point bridge on the key.


Now & Then With Gary Antonellis

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 6:30 pm

Gary Antonellis - ThenSince no one is sending me pictures I’ve had to go trolling on the Reunion Website. Here’s Gary Antonellis back then.

Gary and I go way back, back into the early, early years.

Gary Antonellis - NowHere’s Gary and family today. After Riverview we went to U of F and had the joy of living together in the dorms and then an off-campus house. I remember most of it. How about you Gary?

Some things probably should be forgotten but we have a lot of memories that are really good too. I hope to see you and Fran there!

July 2, 2006

Post Your Get Together Invites

Category: 30 Year Reunion,Alumni — Chuck @ 7:23 am

Rob Artin posed the following question:

“Any one trying to arrange a Friday boat tie down – remember going to Lido or the south end of Siesta (bay side) and everyone meeting for water skiing /having a few cold ones…maybe rent or those still in the area with boats…just a thought.”

If you would like to try to organize an informal gathering like this, please let me know so I can post it if you want.


Voices From The Past

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 7:12 am

I’ve been on an extended road trip and posting has been a challenge. It’s catch up weekend though. Here’s some notes from voices on the blog or my email:

From Rob Artin:

On music ideas – ” Elton John – Benny and the Jets /Philadelphia Freedom KC & The Sunshine Band (Senior nite @ Disney) Get down tonight.” On the Kiltie Band – “The band still looks the same (’76 sounded better!) – a few years back(not many brain cells left) perhaps in ’03 or’04 Macy’s Day parade in NYC – great day temp in the 70’s (New York in November…) and down the 38th Avenue comes the infamous “Kiltie Marching Band” always a class act – stood out from the rest….with the temperature etc. almost like 1976 all over again. The only thing missing was Rams vs. Sailors can anyone say “Turkey Bowl”. Whose in charge of bringing the anchor to the reunion? Look forward to seeing all… “

From John Calia:

On cafeteria food – “Thirty years later you tell it’s not Shepard’s Poo.” On your favorite teacher – “What about Turly Tudor for accounting? He was ten years behind the time, but a good teacher.”

Also heard from Mike Amos who says he’s coming to the reunion.

May 27, 2006

Oh Danny Boy

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 5:40 am

Danny Michaels-1984From Jeff Swain, via Bennie Barton we have Danny Michaels (1984). From Jeff:

This is Danny Michaels, looking sharp in his tuxedo, taken in 1984 at our (Mary Early & my) wedding at First Methodist church in downtown Sarasota. Historians among us will also morn the loss of Tuckers store (shown in the background), which I used to love going to as a boy.

And added from Bennie:

I remember buying my Riverview Varsity Letter Jacket at Tuckers. Truth be told, now this goes way back, I remember buying my Cub Scout uniform at Tuckers as well. It was a great old small-town institution that sadly represents the growing trend of big/new pushing out the small/ old retailers.

May 20, 2006

Now & Then With John Chait

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 6:20 pm

John Chait - ThenAnd another country has been heard from. This time it’s John Chait. As he says on the Reunion Website, ” I have been in Chiropractic practice for the past 20 years on Bee Ridge Road. I got married in 2001 to my wife Cindy. We enjoy working together and have for the past 5 years. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in October.”

John’s got a great idea that I have no idea what to do with at the moment. But that’s because it’s been a long day and we just finished some apple wood smoked pork steaks, baked potato with sour cream and fresh chopped homegrown chives, etc. Now it’s time to sip a glass of wine and, well, quit blogging.

So, here’s John’s idea:

John Chait - NowHow about we do a 1976 top 40 count down to number one. At 5 minutes a song that would be 3.5 hours. If you think this is good Idea. Here is a link to the top 40 hits in order.

John Chait

How do we do this and when/where and does someone want to volunteer to get all these songs? I’m pretty sure they can all be found and loaded onto an iPod.

April 30, 2006

Now & Then With Nancy Tatom

Category: Alumni,Pictures — Chuck @ 3:46 pm

Nancy Tatom - ThenFinally. A picture of our fearless reunion leader. I knew she could do it. This now and then with Nancy Tatom includes what she has posted on the reunion website.

Back in May of 2005 I volunteered to chair the reunion planning committee, and it has been a wonderful way of getting reacquainted with everyone and having some fun as well. I encourage all of you to help out if you can. Just let us know and we’ll definitely give you something to do as things move along!

I moved back to Florida in 2004 after having lived and worked in the Carolinas for 21 years. After my daughter’s graduation from high school, I moved to Tampa, but in December of 2005 I took a position in Sarasota and have just moved back.

I have one daughter (age 20) who is in her sophomore year at Rhodes College in Memphis. She is the spitting image of her mother except for her height (she was lucky enough to inherit genes that have put her height several inches above my 5′-0″ frame). She is my greatest achievement and is lots of fun to be with.

Nancy Tatom - NowI graduated from FSU with degrees in Art History and Interior Design and have worked primarily in the commercial and healthcare realms of interior design. I now work with Hoyt Architects in Sarasota and am really happy to be back in familiar territory. All of us on the committee are expecting to put on a great series of events in October, and I look forward to seeing all of you again!

I know I’m looking forward to it.


Now & Then With Vickie Oldham

Category: Alumni,Pictures — Chuck @ 3:24 pm

Vickie Oldham - ThenThis now and then with Vickie Oldham is being brought to you by Charles Curry who emailed me the details. I’m sure Vickie will appreciate this Charles.

Allow me to give an update on my friend and classmate, Vickie Oldham:

After leaving Riverview, Vickie attended the University of Florida, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. She would later receive a master of fine arts at the Florida State University Conservatory of Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts. After returning to Sarasota, Vickie made her mark as an ABC affiliate news reporter. She also hosted a popular weekly program called COMMON GROUND that featured interviews with 100 of the country’s most recognized African Americans in politics, arts and entertainment. Nationally, Vickie has appeared on network and cable television programs; and numerous television commercials and industrial videos.

In February, I got a chance to see what Vickie O’s been up to. She invited me to a web site launch and the screening of a documentary she produced and wrote called LOOKING FOR ANGOLA. (www.lookingforangola.com).

Vickie Oldham - NowIt was a captivating event, and the Asolo Theater in Sarasota was packed. There was lots of pre-ceremony pomp, crackle, and pop as a multi-cultural crowd filled the lobby. Miss O. was poised, stylish, and personable while greeting guests. The paparazzi snapped lots of photos. The only thing missing was the “red carpet”. Reps from the History Channel came to present a $10,000 check to the project. There were lots of local luminaries in the crowd; including the Tampa PBS station manager, and a US Park Service director. I was also delighted to see another RHS alum, Cynthia (Gaines) Myers.

There’s more to this Angola project, especially when a discovery is made…stay tuned. Vickie O is on it!

Thanks Charles

April 23, 2006

Now & Then With Scott Lewis

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 6:26 pm

Scott Lewis - ThenSince he emailed me and since his “now” pic is on the reunion website. . .

Ladies and gentelmen. It’s Scott Lewis.

Scott Lewis - NowI am still in Sarasota, left for a while, came back for eldercare–fullfilled that and built a solid foundation to retire on. If I can help anywhere, feel free to let me know what I can do. I own a recruiting agency and work with about 10-15 restaurants in this area.

I am sure Nancy will find something for you to do Scott.


The Cake Whisperer

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 6:16 pm

Ron Zammit - NowThanks to Sue (Farrington) Obenauer I now know that Ron Zammit is a wedding cake genius creator.

Anyone thinking of getting married at our reunion? If so, get your cake from “Beautiful Cakes by Ron.”

Seriously. As his website says: “For 24 years, Ron Zammit replaced his worn heels and soles at his shoe repair store in Gold Tree Plaza. To relax after work, he baked cakes – gorgeous cakes decorated with beautiful hand-made sugar paste flowers. Soon, friends and relatives started asking him to make special occasion cakes, until he was making about two or three cakes a weekend.

About five years ago, he came home one night and told his wife Crystal that he had sold the shop and was ready to start a cake shop. Today, some of the grandest weddings along the west coast of Florida feature creations from his Beautiful Cakes.”

April 8, 2006

Now & Then With Kim Kimble (Lamrouex)

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 7:17 pm

Kim Kimble (Lamrouex)- ThenIt’s about time someone sent in their “now” picture.

This time it’s Kim Kimble (Lamrouex).

Here’s her message (besides other comments she’s posted):

Kim Kimble (Lamrouex) - Nowokay if you are going to put a “now” photo on the website let your hubby do it !! My husband did this one for me


Some Lost Comments

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 6:52 pm

One of the comments that got lost in our server move was this one from John O’Keefe. I just happened to find it in my email. I hope we didn’t lose too many more.

In reference to the post on “What songs would you like to hear?

dear i rock the boat? well, i have never been known as a person who “goes with it” – so here are my suggestions:

1. bohemian rhapsody – queen
2. anarchy in the u.k. – sex pistols
3. blitzkrig bop – romones

i think we should pick a song that reflects the change of the times. i believe the songs listed are songs that did a few things – they charged a generation to move past the comfort zone and they are still seen today as songs that changed the face of music.

just my thoughts, and all is good 🙂

And in reference to “Tearing down the old school”

well, to me it was simply a place i spent two years before it was over – and to me it is a building, nothing more. if the building is old and falling down, build something new.

as i have been reading this blog i have been trying to remember names and faces at my time at rhs, but nothing comes to mind [i was the “guy from new york with long hair] – memories are not made by a building, but by the people we know and connect with. take down the building, and build a new – let new memories be made in connection for a new generation. who knows, maybe their memories will be better.

March 19, 2006

Chatting With Nancy (Nelson) Gordon

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 8:33 am

Nancy (Nelson) GordonIf you really want to mess me up then email me and say “Do you remember me?” with your married name and don’t give me the name we knew you by in high school. That’s what Nancy (Nelson) Gordon did. Then we spoke by phone and she said, “I just realized I didn’t give you my maiden name.” That’s why I was thinking, “Nancy Gordon?”

Pearly Gates SoaperyWe had a great conversation. She and her husband live in Kansas City, MO which is just about 2 1/2 hours from my house and a city I’m driving through all the time. You can get caught up with her on our reunion website. She and her husband are in the organic soap business. You can find that on the web at Pearly Gates Organic Soapery.

Nancy is hoping to attend our reunion just like I hope everyone will that can.

February 26, 2006

Keep The Emails Coming

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 1:44 pm

Time to share some more emails. If you send in your email address I assume you want it posted. If not, let me know. It is great hearing from you.

Renee has some songs in mind:

Anything by the Isley Brothers; Earth Wind & Fire; Ohio Players; Kool & the Gang; Barry White and Love Unlimited Orchestra. Contact info for Renee (James) Benton – ReneeBenton@Earthlink.net

From Sue (Swearingen) Stann:

Hi, This is Sue( Swearingen),now Susan Stann. I’m still playing and teaching drums. I’m looking forward to the reunion,and seeing old friends. My e-mail is drumencore@aol.com. I never know when I’m going to be in Fla.,or Ga.,or TX. so I’m glad to have 1 address that is accessible at all times. I’d like to catch up with some old band,orch.,and radio choir classmates before the reunion. Thanks a lot, Susan

From Diane (Brecht) Griffin

You have done a great job! Thanks for all your hard work. I’m sure you don’t remember me, that’s OK.

Take care and see you at the reunion, Diane

Folks, it was “short” term memory loss. Trust me. I remember (most) of you!

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February 21, 2006

Hello From The Road Again

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 10:06 am

Chuck & CindyHello there. This photo is to prove that we don’t blog 24/7. We did take time out to have supper on Valentine’s Day.

I’m getting a complex with the emails coming in with lines like “You won’t remember me . . . ” Why would people think that? I just don’t get it. Of course I remember (almost) everybody.

So, here’s some excerpts from some recent emails I’ve received.

From Ashley (Fay) Swartz
I love the website,and all your doing for what looks to be an amazing event. Kudos to Nancy Tatum,and the rest as well. I doubt you remember me
(see what I mean about the remember thing?), as I graduated not as most in 76,but one year earlier. My name was Fay Swartz,and I believe we lived close by on Siesta Key. I moved to Vancouver B.C Canada for 17 years,and have been living in Southern California for the last 8 years.

It was a lot of fun reading about some of the alumni,and now a great motivator in wanting to attend,if I am able in October. Oh ,Songs??? For those of us,not into hard rock,but the girlie songs…………Seals and Crofts (WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIN,AND SUMMER BREEZE). YES YES TO LED ZEPLIN,AND THE MOODY BLUES TOO.

From Mike Causey
You look good for a old guy. I am excited about our reunion and seeing old friends. Man, where did the time go? Just wanted to say hello and have a great day.

From Charles Curry
I’ve had some contact with Tom Paulk, and expect to have lunch soon with Nancy Tatom. I know Nancy ‘outed’ me on the Ram blog. It’s cool. I’m trying to get around to filling in my info on the reunion site. I look forward to hanging out with you in October. And do bring your clubs.

January 29, 2006

Now & Then With Charles Curry

Category: Alumni,Pictures — Chuck @ 1:07 pm

Charles Curry- ThenThis is not George Abbot, who is pictured on page 33 of the 1976 Tartan (yearbook). It is, of course, the distinguished Charles Curry.

How many of you knew that he pulled a fast one on the yearbook photographer and also pretended to be junior, George Abbot? He also made an appearance on pg. 201 (The wittiest)

Charles Curry - NowI just noticed that Charles is one of the new people in Classmates with a picture. So here’s his “now.” He also says “Living in Valrico Florida for the last 4 years. Spent the previous 20 years in Atlanta. I am married (19 years) no kids. I spent 4 years in the Marines and got a BSEET from DeVry. I have worked for HP for the past 21 years. Currently as an Sales Consultant. I love to golf.”

I hope we get to see you and maybe play a round of golf.

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January 22, 2006

Message From Sue Obenauer (Farrington)

Category: Alumni,Pictures — Chuck @ 2:33 pm

Sue Obenauer (Farrington)I also got an email from Sue Ovenauer (Farrington). Here’s what she had to say:

. . . I didn’t see Mr.Yost’s name on the list (she’s speaking of this post & comments), however I see Mr. Crew and not the chorus director??!? Wassup with dat!??? HAH! I just spoke to David West a couple days ago and asked him if anyone was going to invite the teachers we liked and he said he thought maybe so– so i’m seeing the blurb on the reunion website but wondering is someone trying to contact these folks? I’m thinkin Mr. Yost was in his 30’s — he’d be around 60 something i’m thinkin now.. and still in town? where would he go?? HAH! It sounds like it’s gonna be a fun reunion! Will be looking forward to seeing everyone again! the website looks great! Thanks for taking charge here and keep us posted!

Take care! Sue

Here’s one way for me to keep you “posted” Sue. Thanks.

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Message From Pam Paver (Barton)

Category: Alumni,Pictures — Chuck @ 2:27 pm

Pam Paver (Barton)I don’t have a now picture of Pam yet but she did send in an email I’ll share.

You have done a great job getting this all set up! I have really enjoyed looking at everyone’s photos. I will get it togther and promise to post something to my portion. Look forward to seeing everyone in October!

I think she means the reunion website (Bennie has done an awesome job).

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