November 26, 2006

Photo Album Update

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I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’ve been busy. I finally uploaded pictures sent in from Ashley Schwartz. They’re added to the photo album I have so there’s now 381 pictures in there.

Feel free to check them out using this link.

I’ll try to find some time to post more. In the meantime I hope you all have happy holidays.
September 18, 2006

I Want My Hair Back

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Very Nice HatSince Bennie triple dog dared me to post these pictures, well . . .

Apparently Pat Cronin has given Bennie a box of photos he took during high school and Bennie is busy scanning them to God only knows what he’s going to do with them. He already circulated these to the planning committee so what’s a few more eyeballs on this gorgeous bod?

Very HairI put the one with a hat first to tease you so you’d be prepared for this next one. I don’t know where it was taken. Pat, can you help jog my memory?

All I can say is I’ve got some extra working out to do to get back to this weight. Although the picture was taken before I could flex those pythons there’s strenth there. You can see it in the eyes anyway.

All right Bennie. Are you satisfied?
April 30, 2006

Now & Then With Nancy Tatom

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Nancy Tatom - ThenFinally. A picture of our fearless reunion leader. I knew she could do it. This now and then with Nancy Tatom includes what she has posted on the reunion website.

Back in May of 2005 I volunteered to chair the reunion planning committee, and it has been a wonderful way of getting reacquainted with everyone and having some fun as well. I encourage all of you to help out if you can. Just let us know and we’ll definitely give you something to do as things move along!

I moved back to Florida in 2004 after having lived and worked in the Carolinas for 21 years. After my daughter’s graduation from high school, I moved to Tampa, but in December of 2005 I took a position in Sarasota and have just moved back.

I have one daughter (age 20) who is in her sophomore year at Rhodes College in Memphis. She is the spitting image of her mother except for her height (she was lucky enough to inherit genes that have put her height several inches above my 5′-0″ frame). She is my greatest achievement and is lots of fun to be with.

Nancy Tatom - NowI graduated from FSU with degrees in Art History and Interior Design and have worked primarily in the commercial and healthcare realms of interior design. I now work with Hoyt Architects in Sarasota and am really happy to be back in familiar territory. All of us on the committee are expecting to put on a great series of events in October, and I look forward to seeing all of you again!

I know I’m looking forward to it.

Now & Then With Vickie Oldham

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Vickie Oldham - ThenThis now and then with Vickie Oldham is being brought to you by Charles Curry who emailed me the details. I’m sure Vickie will appreciate this Charles.

Allow me to give an update on my friend and classmate, Vickie Oldham:

After leaving Riverview, Vickie attended the University of Florida, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. She would later receive a master of fine arts at the Florida State University Conservatory of Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts. After returning to Sarasota, Vickie made her mark as an ABC affiliate news reporter. She also hosted a popular weekly program called COMMON GROUND that featured interviews with 100 of the country’s most recognized African Americans in politics, arts and entertainment. Nationally, Vickie has appeared on network and cable television programs; and numerous television commercials and industrial videos.

In February, I got a chance to see what Vickie O’s been up to. She invited me to a web site launch and the screening of a documentary she produced and wrote called LOOKING FOR ANGOLA. (

Vickie Oldham - NowIt was a captivating event, and the Asolo Theater in Sarasota was packed. There was lots of pre-ceremony pomp, crackle, and pop as a multi-cultural crowd filled the lobby. Miss O. was poised, stylish, and personable while greeting guests. The paparazzi snapped lots of photos. The only thing missing was the “red carpet”. Reps from the History Channel came to present a $10,000 check to the project. There were lots of local luminaries in the crowd; including the Tampa PBS station manager, and a US Park Service director. I was also delighted to see another RHS alum, Cynthia (Gaines) Myers.

There’s more to this Angola project, especially when a discovery is made…stay tuned. Vickie O is on it!

Thanks Charles
April 23, 2006

Send In Your Previous Reunion Photos

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Bartons in LondonThe Bartons have been on vacation but Bennie has been busy.

As I’ve already posted, there are now photo albums on the Reunion Website from previous reunions.

Bennie wants to get more photos though. So, if you have any from a previous reunion, scan them and email them in.
February 26, 2006

The Band

Category: Pictures — Chuck @ 1:35 pm

Kiltie BandThanks to Janet (Whetzel) Slabaugh we have a band picture.

Do they look any different today? Anyone have a “now” photo of the band?

February 11, 2006

Now & Then With The Slabaughs

Category: Pictures — Chuck @ 7:00 pm

Dave & Janet WeddingJanet (WHETZEL) Slabaugh sent in some pictures. This is from her and Dave’s wedding in 1980. They are all Riverview High graduates. They are Dave Slabaugh (1975), Dale Lutz (1975), Chris Whiteman (1976), Tom Smith (1980), Scott Whiteman (1975). As she says, “Dave and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this past August.” Congratulations.

Dave & Janet WeddingSo here’s the same group this past fall.

Anyone else want to submit pictures? I think that I’ll put them all into an online photo album when I get a chance. I can keep adding to it.

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January 29, 2006

Now & Then With Charles Curry

Category: Alumni,Pictures — Chuck @ 1:07 pm

Charles Curry- ThenThis is not George Abbot, who is pictured on page 33 of the 1976 Tartan (yearbook). It is, of course, the distinguished Charles Curry.

How many of you knew that he pulled a fast one on the yearbook photographer and also pretended to be junior, George Abbot? He also made an appearance on pg. 201 (The wittiest)

Charles Curry - NowI just noticed that Charles is one of the new people in Classmates with a picture. So here’s his “now.” He also says “Living in Valrico Florida for the last 4 years. Spent the previous 20 years in Atlanta. I am married (19 years) no kids. I spent 4 years in the Marines and got a BSEET from DeVry. I have worked for HP for the past 21 years. Currently as an Sales Consultant. I love to golf.”

I hope we get to see you and maybe play a round of golf.

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January 22, 2006

Message From Sue Obenauer (Farrington)

Category: Alumni,Pictures — Chuck @ 2:33 pm

Sue Obenauer (Farrington)I also got an email from Sue Ovenauer (Farrington). Here’s what she had to say:

. . . I didn’t see Mr.Yost’s name on the list (she’s speaking of this post & comments), however I see Mr. Crew and not the chorus director??!? Wassup with dat!??? HAH! I just spoke to David West a couple days ago and asked him if anyone was going to invite the teachers we liked and he said he thought maybe so– so i’m seeing the blurb on the reunion website but wondering is someone trying to contact these folks? I’m thinkin Mr. Yost was in his 30’s — he’d be around 60 something i’m thinkin now.. and still in town? where would he go?? HAH! It sounds like it’s gonna be a fun reunion! Will be looking forward to seeing everyone again! the website looks great! Thanks for taking charge here and keep us posted!

Take care! Sue

Here’s one way for me to keep you “posted” Sue. Thanks.
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Message From Pam Paver (Barton)

Category: Alumni,Pictures — Chuck @ 2:27 pm

Pam Paver (Barton)I don’t have a now picture of Pam yet but she did send in an email I’ll share.

You have done a great job getting this all set up! I have really enjoyed looking at everyone’s photos. I will get it togther and promise to post something to my portion. Look forward to seeing everyone in October!

I think she means the reunion website (Bennie has done an awesome job).
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Now & Then With Tom Paulk

Category: Alumni,Pictures — Chuck @ 2:23 pm

Tom Paulk ThenHere’s a new Now & Then with Tom Paulk. That’s because I was looking around the reunion website and found him. He’s already been an active commenter on the blog. Hi Tom.

Tom PaulkHere’s Tom now. He’s definitely trying to outclass the rest of us! Here’s his message from the reunion website: “Hey Everybody! Hope to see you at the reunion, each time I’ve attended, it’s been a fun & fantastic time. My career has changed from being a jet fighter jockey in the Navy, to owner of a Snelling Franchise. I’ve lived overseas a few times, Japan and New Zealand, but now live in Chesapeake, VA, for the last 10 yrs. I hope 2006 is a fantastic one for you, and yours. See you at the reunion!

See you there Tom.

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Now & Then With Jim Hoffman

Category: Alumni,Pictures — Chuck @ 2:11 pm

Jim Hoffman ThenHere’s a new Now & Then with Jim Hoffman. He updated his listing on our reunion website and emailed me. Thanks a lot Jim.

Jim NowHere’s Jim now with his wife Paola. He says: “I just sent in my bio and new picture finally. Thanks for being on the comittee. I missed the 10 and 20, but plan on being there this year. Can I help out with anything? Jim Hoffman (they used to call me Hopper kid).”

Jim I remember you but I just don’t remember the “Hopper kid” thing too well.
January 8, 2006

Now & Then With Diana (Wilcox) Layman

Category: Pictures — Chuck @ 2:29 pm

Diana Wilcox ThenI’ll get better at this “now & then” thing. Give me time. Here’s Diana (Wilcox) Layman as she was then.

Diana Wilcox NowI just got some pics from her. So, here she is now.

Diana Layman FamilyThis is her family and what she writes.

. . . our family has recently moved to temporary quarters in Bozeman, Montana. We are moving again in 30 days into our permanent home on a mountain just outside Bozeman. I will provide new address, email, etc. as it becomes available. We moved to Bozeman from New Jersey, where we had been living since being married 16 years ago. My husband is a psychiatrist who just took over the major mental health facility here in Bozeman. We have two children, girls (10 and 5) adopted from China. Along with a partner, I am a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist. We are known as the Small Business professor and write for Scripps Howard News Service under the slug, BIZPROF. Go to : for my latest column about Sam Adams Beer. I am also working on a book and The Small Business Professor commercial website which will support the book.

Thanks Diana. Got some spare time to write for our website? If so, I can set you up with a user account.
January 1, 2006

Zimmerman Family

Category: Pictures — Chuck @ 11:09 am

BlogmasterIn the spirit of the blog I’m posting some personal pics for you.

This is just to encourage you to send them in and load them onto the Reunion Website.

Chuck Zimmerman FamilyAs a bonus picture here’s the last time my whole family was together this summer before 2 daughters went off to college. In the picture (l-r) is my wife Cindy, Carly, Me, Caitlin and Chelsea. The dogs are Crash and CJ.

The house is a little quieter with 2 of them gone. We’re getting used to it. It just means there’s more time to work!

Groucho Graduates

Category: Pictures — Chuck @ 9:41 am

Ed WilsonAnd another one from Jeff. Keep them coming. His description of the photo is:

This is Ed Wilson in 1976, apparently after graduation, proudly sporting his RHS cap & tassel. He’s also wearing a “Groucho Marx” T shirt, in which we used to do a poor imitation of the “fig newton” dance for puzzled audiences. Ah, misspent youth. But whose hands are those coming from behind? Is that Scott Mackie in the background?

Thanks Jeff!

Finally Getting Some Photos

Category: Pictures — Chuck @ 9:38 am

Doug VaughanHere’s a New Year’s eve photo submission from Jeff Swain. His description of the photo is:

This is Doug Vaughan (and I think Linda Laudano in the foreground), I believe outside the old Brewmasters where we would go for a meal and a few Cokes, which were all you could drink if memory serves. Doesn’t he look dapper in his polyester shirt? Too bad the weather was warm or I’m sure there would have been a leisure suit in this picture!

Thanks Jeff!