May 27, 2006

Blogging Indy 500

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Danica PatrickThese aren’t reunion-type photos but hey, it’s my website and I can post what I want to right?

This week I’m in Indianapolis and I thought you guys might like a picture of Danica before the big race tomorrow. I interviewed her a couple weeks ago but didn’t get my picture taken with her.

This picture is at yesterday’s press conference before they took their Carb Day practice laps.

Jeff Simmons and MeFor you girls I have a picture of me interviewing Jeff Simmons. He’s the new driver for Rahal-Letterman Racing, which is the team I’m focused on in my coverage on my Domestic Fuel website.

We’ll be seeing both these folks in action tomorrow. Let’s hope they all make it safely across the finish line.

I think I’ll have some interesting photos to share in a couple weeks from the Country Music Association Fan Fair in Nashville.

Oh Danny Boy

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Danny Michaels-1984From Jeff Swain, via Bennie Barton we have Danny Michaels (1984). From Jeff:

This is Danny Michaels, looking sharp in his tuxedo, taken in 1984 at our (Mary Early & my) wedding at First Methodist church in downtown Sarasota. Historians among us will also morn the loss of Tuckers store (shown in the background), which I used to love going to as a boy.

And added from Bennie:

I remember buying my Riverview Varsity Letter Jacket at Tuckers. Truth be told, now this goes way back, I remember buying my Cub Scout uniform at Tuckers as well. It was a great old small-town institution that sadly represents the growing trend of big/new pushing out the small/ old retailers.
May 20, 2006

Now & Then With John Chait

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John Chait - ThenAnd another country has been heard from. This time it’s John Chait. As he says on the Reunion Website, ” I have been in Chiropractic practice for the past 20 years on Bee Ridge Road. I got married in 2001 to my wife Cindy. We enjoy working together and have for the past 5 years. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in October.”

John’s got a great idea that I have no idea what to do with at the moment. But that’s because it’s been a long day and we just finished some apple wood smoked pork steaks, baked potato with sour cream and fresh chopped homegrown chives, etc. Now it’s time to sip a glass of wine and, well, quit blogging.

So, here’s John’s idea:

John Chait - NowHow about we do a 1976 top 40 count down to number one. At 5 minutes a song that would be 3.5 hours. If you think this is good Idea. Here is a link to the top 40 hits in order.

John Chait

How do we do this and when/where and does someone want to volunteer to get all these songs? I’m pretty sure they can all be found and loaded onto an iPod.

Roomie Reunion

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Want to room with someone for the reunion? I’m not sure how we can coordinate this if there’s interest but you can leave comments here or email anyone on the committee.

This idea was brought to the table by the artist formerly known as Fay (as in Swartz, now Ashley).

More Urging To Register

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And now a word from our reunion chairperson for those of you who aren’t on Classmates:

Events and ticket prices set!!

Please visit our official class reunion website to register for our upcoming 30-year reunion! As mentioned in previous announcements, the dates have been set (October 6-8, 2006) and now all events and ticket prices have been established. Go to the reunion website for all the details on events, prices, and reservations. You can even book your tickets there on the website. Also, if you’ve not yet “Added Your Info” at that site on the “Classmates” tabs, do so now so that we can bring the site to life and better contact you with event news. And please spread the word….we’re going to have a wonderful time!!

See you at the reunion!!


Tearing Down The Old School

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Here’s more on the fact that there’s a plan to tear down the old Riverview High School building from Bennie Barton:

Some of you may know that they plan to tear down the the Riverview School Building and build a new school in it’s place. The old building has a great deal of architectural significance and if you would like to know more, we have added a page to the Class of 76 Reunion site that features some photos of the school building and several web links to articles about the school.

There is even a link to the American Institute of Architects petition to save the school. You might find the articles to be an interesting read as we begin to wax nostalgic as our 30 Year Reunion rapidly approaches. Just follow this link to the new page…
May 18, 2006

Reunion Details Finalized

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Mote Aquarium We now have some reunion updates to the agenda. We had hoped to do a cruise boat event but as Bennie says, “. . . because of a bunch of red tape, we are not going to be able to go on the cruise (nobody will let them dock anymore in Sarasota). We have come up with another great water theme event though. We are going to have the cocktail party at the Mote Marine Aquarium out on Longboat Key.”

So now the final plans are made and you can find them on the Reunion Website. Here’s another message from Bennie:

We have just updated the reunion web site with all of the details and prices for the Reunion Events in October.

You will find dates, places, times, costs and you can even buy your tickets on the web site. We have hotel information with a group booking code for you to use if you need to reserve a room. We also have a section about donations for those who can give us a little extra help with the events.

Please log on to the site and review the new information and go ahead and buy your tickets now. We will still be sending out formal invitations by mail but you don’t have to wait to book your tickets to a great weekend of fun with some of your old high school classmates!
May 14, 2006

Cruisin Toward Reunion

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Cruise BoatPost Update: Well, we’re not going to be “cruisin” like I thought. So check out the next post for more information.

Just to help get you excited here’s a picture from our Reunion Website on the events page. The site says there’s only 145 days to go. I didn’t check it so I hope it’s right.

I’m actually in Ft. Lauderdale today. I flew down yesterday and am driving back to Missouri with my oldest daughter who’s been attending college in Naples. She has a room here with Grandma, Cindy’s Mom.

It’s so nice to feel heat and humidity. Missouri has been cool so far this spring. I was in Phoenix last week though and it was 100 degrees!

I hope everyone who visits is doing well.
May 8, 2006

Blogging In Phoenix

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Seamus McCaffrey'sThis has absolutely nothing to do with our reunion but since it’s my blog I’ll post if I want to. I’m on the road in Phoenix and had some free time so I thought I’d check out the food in this little pub in my hotel. I got some fine Irish stew at Seamus McCaffrey’s. This excellent pub is in the Hotel San Carlos.

If you get to visit stop in and try a draft Smithwick’s which I tried here for the first time. So, let’s hear from you. What are you up to now that you know what I’m up to this week.