February 26, 2006

Keep The Emails Coming

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 1:44 pm

Time to share some more emails. If you send in your email address I assume you want it posted. If not, let me know. It is great hearing from you.

Renee has some songs in mind:

Anything by the Isley Brothers; Earth Wind & Fire; Ohio Players; Kool & the Gang; Barry White and Love Unlimited Orchestra. Contact info for Renee (James) Benton – ReneeBenton@Earthlink.net

From Sue (Swearingen) Stann:

Hi, This is Sue( Swearingen),now Susan Stann. I’m still playing and teaching drums. I’m looking forward to the reunion,and seeing old friends. My e-mail is drumencore@aol.com. I never know when I’m going to be in Fla.,or Ga.,or TX. so I’m glad to have 1 address that is accessible at all times. I’d like to catch up with some old band,orch.,and radio choir classmates before the reunion. Thanks a lot, Susan

From Diane (Brecht) Griffin

You have done a great job! Thanks for all your hard work. I’m sure you don’t remember me, that’s OK.

Take care and see you at the reunion, Diane

Folks, it was “short” term memory loss. Trust me. I remember (most) of you!

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The Band

Category: Pictures — Chuck @ 1:35 pm

Kiltie BandThanks to Janet (Whetzel) Slabaugh we have a band picture.

Do they look any different today? Anyone have a “now” photo of the band?

February 21, 2006

Hello From The Road Again

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 10:06 am

Chuck & CindyHello there. This photo is to prove that we don’t blog 24/7. We did take time out to have supper on Valentine’s Day.

I’m getting a complex with the emails coming in with lines like “You won’t remember me . . . ” Why would people think that? I just don’t get it. Of course I remember (almost) everybody.

So, here’s some excerpts from some recent emails I’ve received.

From Ashley (Fay) Swartz
I love the website,and all your doing for what looks to be an amazing event. Kudos to Nancy Tatum,and the rest as well. I doubt you remember me
(see what I mean about the remember thing?), as I graduated not as most in 76,but one year earlier. My name was Fay Swartz,and I believe we lived close by on Siesta Key. I moved to Vancouver B.C Canada for 17 years,and have been living in Southern California for the last 8 years.

It was a lot of fun reading about some of the alumni,and now a great motivator in wanting to attend,if I am able in October. Oh ,Songs??? For those of us,not into hard rock,but the girlie songs…………Seals and Crofts (WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIN,AND SUMMER BREEZE). YES YES TO LED ZEPLIN,AND THE MOODY BLUES TOO.

From Mike Causey
You look good for a old guy. I am excited about our reunion and seeing old friends. Man, where did the time go? Just wanted to say hello and have a great day.

From Charles Curry
I’ve had some contact with Tom Paulk, and expect to have lunch soon with Nancy Tatom. I know Nancy ‘outed’ me on the Ram blog. It’s cool. I’m trying to get around to filling in my info on the reunion site. I look forward to hanging out with you in October. And do bring your clubs.

February 11, 2006

Tearing Down The Old School

Category: School News — Chuck @ 7:16 pm

Photo From Sarasota Herald TribuneThanks to our alert reunion director Nancy for pointing me to this story from the Sarasota Herald Tribune.

One of the most important buildings of the “Sarasota school” of architecture, the regional adaptation of mid-century modernism, is Riverview High School. It’s significant as the first public building in Florida by the undisputed leading architect of the Sarasota school, Paul Rudolph. Now, the structure, built in 1958, is slated for demolition.

I can’t say that I ever heard of Paul Rudolph. Now I have though. What do you think? Should they tear it down?

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Now & Then With The Slabaughs

Category: Pictures — Chuck @ 7:00 pm

Dave & Janet WeddingJanet (WHETZEL) Slabaugh sent in some pictures. This is from her and Dave’s wedding in 1980. They are all Riverview High graduates. They are Dave Slabaugh (1975), Dale Lutz (1975), Chris Whiteman (1976), Tom Smith (1980), Scott Whiteman (1975). As she says, “Dave and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this past August.” Congratulations.

Dave & Janet WeddingSo here’s the same group this past fall.

Anyone else want to submit pictures? I think that I’ll put them all into an online photo album when I get a chance. I can keep adding to it.

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Blogging On The Road

Category: Miscellaneous — Chuck @ 6:38 pm

Chuck & WillieIt’s been a long last 2 weeks blogging on the road (again). I got to meet several interesting folks though like Willie Nelson. This was out in San Diego at the National Biodiesel Conference.

Chuck & DarylDaryl Hannah was another star there promoting this renewable fuel. I also got to meet Luke Perry and at the Cattle Industry Convention I at least got to record Sam Elliott, who uttered these famous words.

It seems like we’re getting the word out since I’ve gotten a couple updates from ClassMates about new members.

What’s new in your world?