August 20, 2006

Reunion Hotel Headquarters

Category: 30 Year Reunion — Chuck @ 12:58 pm

Lakewood Ranch Holidy InnI have my hotel reservation made, do you? If not then visit the Reunion Website here to find out how and make sure you know the rates.

I’m coming in Thursday afternoon after seeing the following on the website:

We will host a “Welcome” hospitality room at the hotel starting Thursday night, October 5th, from 5 pm to 9 pm and also during the day on Friday, October 6th from 10:00 am until 3:30 pm.

Will we have Bennie the Bartender at our hospitality room?

Getting Strange In Norway

Category: Just For Fun — Chuck @ 12:35 pm

Cow InterviewThings can get a little crazy for a road blogger sometimes. This is on a dairy farm near Hamar, Norway last week. I think the cow made as much sense to me as the Norwegians I interviewed with their heavy accents!

Whenever I visit a foreign country I still come home to the good old U. S. of A. and thank God I live here.

So what’s new in your worlds? I haven’t heard much lately. I’m in the process of making my hotel reservation as I write this. It’s not far off.
August 5, 2006

Bennie Update

Category: 30 Year Reunion — Chuck @ 7:44 pm

Here’s the latest update from Bennie:

T-Minus Two Months And Counting!

That’s right, we have little more than 60 days until the big event and it’s time you got another update on the process of putting this thing together. You would really think that something like this would be a walk in the park with very little worry, a piece-of-cake kind of thing. But as George Carlin so aptly said on his historic AM/FM album that came out when we were in school, “Oh contraire mon fraire!”

Best laid plans and good intentions aside, we’ve had to scramble here over the past couple of weeks.
Our Saturday Dinner/Dance location became a no-go when we discovered they would not finish construction in time to host our event. We had to scramble to find a new place to host our shin-dig which is not an easy task.
Nancy did a bang-up job of coming up with a new list of possibilities and the committee took a couple of field trips to scope-out new digs. (more…)