April 8, 2006

Some Lost Comments

Category: Alumni — Chuck @ 6:52 pm

One of the comments that got lost in our server move was this one from John O’Keefe. I just happened to find it in my email. I hope we didn’t lose too many more.

In reference to the post on “What songs would you like to hear?

dear i rock the boat? well, i have never been known as a person who “goes with it” – so here are my suggestions:

1. bohemian rhapsody – queen
2. anarchy in the u.k. – sex pistols
3. blitzkrig bop – romones

i think we should pick a song that reflects the change of the times. i believe the songs listed are songs that did a few things – they charged a generation to move past the comfort zone and they are still seen today as songs that changed the face of music.

just my thoughts, and all is good 🙂

And in reference to “Tearing down the old school”

well, to me it was simply a place i spent two years before it was over – and to me it is a building, nothing more. if the building is old and falling down, build something new.

as i have been reading this blog i have been trying to remember names and faces at my time at rhs, but nothing comes to mind [i was the “guy from new york with long hair] – memories are not made by a building, but by the people we know and connect with. take down the building, and build a new – let new memories be made in connection for a new generation. who knows, maybe their memories will be better.


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