October 8, 2006

The DQ Award

Category: 30 Year Reunion — Chuck @ 12:23 am

The DQ AwardWe had a one of a kind award tonight.

You remember Dennis Quigley?

Yeah. We had the DQ award. It has something to do with a Dennis Quigley look-a-like doll.

Where did we find this?

BTW. It does look like Dennis. From high school. (Has a lot of hair).



  1. It really does look like Dennis, This reminds me that I have a few old photos back in Kansas city I need to dig out 72/73?? Brookside … I hope you don’t mind Dennis.. it may take me a little time though, trying to weed through years of crazy school pictures…. Hi Dennis , it was good seeing you at the reunion !!
    Nancy Nelson Gordon

    Comment by Nancy Nelson gordon — October 8, 2006 @ 9:08 pm

  2. It was an honor to receive the first every “DQ Award”. It’s always nice to be singled out and recognized for the little things in life that we do as individuals. Like in this case, a Barbie doll likeness award JUST FOR SHOWING UP. Wow – try to top that one. I’m on fire with goodness.

    By the way – I’m going to e-mail Chuck a close up photo of my likeness doll — and a few shots of my 8 year old son Devon (and daughters Tori 10, & Taylor 12). Hopefully they will get posted here for your viewing pleasure.

    Nancy (Nelson), you looked great at the reunion. It was nice talking with you. Bring on those Brookside pictures. Elaine Russo had some classic ones at the reunion. They really bring back the memories.

    Nancy Tatom was a lot of fun. She did a great job of making people feel comfortable and spread her time around. Thanks again (i think)

    I’m not trying to start a rumor, but i think its a great idea to have the 40 year reunion at Chuck’s house. Don’t you all agree. (sorry chuck)

    Comment by Dennis Quigley — October 10, 2006 @ 1:53 am

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