October 6, 2006

Escorted Off Campus

Category: 30 Year Reunion — Chuck @ 2:00 pm

Chuck ZimmermanAs I was saying, we wandered on in to the school today.

This is me in front of the admin building and courtyard.

I’m snapping pictures and Tom decided to visit the office. So he walked in and Rob and I followed. We met a few people in the office and they said we really should be signed in and have visitor badges.

We didn’t and were sort of getting ready to leave out in the hall in front of the cafeteria when we met a security guard. Actually she met us and promptly escorted us off the property.

She was nice and we could have signed in, etc. but we had a lunch appt. to get to and had seen enough. We did get to look at the plans for the new building since apparently they are going to tear in down.

BTW. We figure we were in the school about 15 minutes before being discovered by security. For pictures of the school, visit my online photo album.


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