July 16, 2006

Teacher Update From Sue

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Here’s a message from Sue Farrington Obenauer:

Hello Everyone!

Since I am the designated “Teacher-Finder-Person,” many classmates have been sending inquiries to me about their favorite teachers and their whereabouts. Many of our teachers have passed away. Here is a list of those that we know of that are no longer with us:

Wilbur Branson
Burma Carter
Clyde Council
Ruth Firmach
William Fletcher
John Haworth
Ella Hoffman
Louise Kirsten
Sarah Lampman
Robert Lee
Quentin McNary
Joseph Miles
Medora Reed
Charles Riley
Barney Sahagian
Ross Smith
Edward Taylor
Rowena Tracy
Ruth Ulrich
Everett Whitman

However, the ones that I was able to contact and are planning on coming on Friday night to Mote Marine are listed below:

Ed Brown – Principal
Joseph Bauman – Spanish (please forgive my earlier email with his name spelled wrong)
Winnifred Dumbaugh – English
Ron Carr – English
William Ivey – Social Studies / Basketball Coach
Joan Tatum – Business Ed
John Yost – Chorus
Kevin Flynn – Social Studies
Sandra Feinsod – Home Ec
Chuck Maggio – Sociology
Sherm Stratton – English
Ed Repulski – Coach
Jack Crew – Band
Richard Hart – History

(Incidentally, Mr. Hart told me last night on the phone he has just returned from his 70th CLASS REUNION held in his tiny hometown in Maryland. He said 80 people were located but many were too ill or weak to leave their homes. But a whopping 30 people came out for festivities and he had a fabulous time! So how’s that for attendance?? I think it’s pretty amazing!!! —-Seventy Year Class Reunion.. let’s see.. you do the math!

One last thing, I have sent out a broadcast email asking students to write a note to a favorite teacher in the above list. So for those who didn’t get that email, I’m putting together handwritten (not typed) notes from all of US who recall a favorite teacher from the above list to write a word of thanks. I’m not meaning a “lengthy” letter, but a note with fun or poignant things you remember or words of appreciation about them over the years. I am hoping to compile a package of sorts for each of these teachers to let them know how much we all appreciate them with our personal letters included.

You may certainly write more than one note for different teachers if you wish and if at all possible, send them to me no later than Sept 1st, 2006 at the address below. (Remember now, we’re talking snail-mail, so the sooner you can jot your thoughts down and drop them in the mailbox, the better!)

PLEASE do it now!!!! And don’t leave it up to your classmate to write a thank you note to your favorite teachers. I have a feeling I’ll end up with very few notes because everyone is thinking someone ELSE will do it and i wouldn’t need your note..I NEED ALL OF THEM! If you had a special teacher in the list, i’m SO encouraging EACH and everyone of you to write a note for me.

These teachers SO deserve something special from us, dont you think?

Thanks again,

Sue Farrington Obenauer
3400 Beneva Rd #325
Sarasota, FL 34232



  1. Dear Alumni,

    My dad, Quentin (Scott) McNary taught at Riverview and loved the school. After 26 years in the Army he retired to Sarasota and found his teaching career even more rewarding than his military career.

    Thank you for remembering everyone who was associated with the school.

    Bob McNary
    Sandy, UT 84092

    Comment by Bob McNary — October 15, 2006 @ 8:04 pm

  2. I loved Dr. Zweig and Mrs. Dumbaugh. They were my favorite, teachers at Riverview High School. I had Dr. Zweig for Solar and Galactic Astronomy and Ms. Dumbaugh for the Magazine Club and Creative Writing. I am an educational consultant in China and a Reading Coach in Florida. I loved both of them and will always remember them.

    Comment by Jeannie Jones-Beck — December 25, 2009 @ 11:31 am

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